Energize Your Home Exterior With Shutters

Are you wanting to add some curb appeal or color to your home? Shutters add the finishing touches to a house that make it welcoming from a mile away. When considering how to spice up the exterior of your home, shutters can get you a lot more bang for your buck than other remodeling solutions. Find out what shutter options are the best fit for your home and your personal style!

Choose a shutter-style that matches your geographic region and architectural style. Whether you chose raised panel, louvered, combo, or board-and-batten profiles, you can add dimension and architectural interest to your home. In general, raised- or flat-panel shutters work well on European, Colonial, and Federal exteriors; board-and-batten shutters complement cabins, farmhouses, Tudors, cottages, and Mission-style homes; and louver and combination (sporting boast louvers and panels) shutters suit most home styles.

Shutters should be able to be seen from a distance. If you opt for an unconventional look, give your house an exciting lift with vivid hues. For a more traditional style, use shutters in the same color family in darker or lighter shades.

Energize your home’s exterior transformation to the next level with the additions of Window World of Arkansas’s shutters. We offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your shutters are a lasting investment in the beauty of your home. Raised panels, louvered, combo, or board-and-batten profiles are available in different colors. Visit our website to learn more or contact us to schedule a free estimate!

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