Let’s talk about financing. We know it’s not the hottest thing to talk about, especially during these times, but that’s why we’re here to make things a little bit easier for you. Everyone does their financing differently. Some people prefer to pay half the cost up-front and pay the rest when the job is done. Some people like to pay monthly through our Window World credit cardholder program. Whatever your preference is, don’t let financing keep you from upgrading your home with new window and door products you need.

Listen to our owner, Bill Cerrato, tell you more about your options.

“We come in with a price sheet, and everyone gets the same price from us at Window World. What we need to do can sometimes dictate cost, but the cost is the same for everyone. What I mean by that is we don’t have a commissioned sales guy in your house in charge of what you’re paying for the windows. We value your time, so our appointments are roughly about an hour. We’re not going to be there for three or four hours. We’re going to get in and show you the products, measure, and put all the numbers on paper. It’s a very simple and easy process. 

At Window World, we have several different ways that you can pay for our services. Half down, half when it’s finished, or we have all kinds of financing options available to you. As a Window World cardholder, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like convenient monthly payments, a revolving line of credit for all of your purchasing needs, special promotional offers, and an easy-to-use online bill payment option. The biggest thing is that these products make your home more energy-efficient and they pay for themselves.”

Let us get to work for you! Ready to schedule a free estimate? Contact us online, or give us a call at (501) 222-4743.