Obviously, we love replacement windows. Not only are they beautiful, but they provide cool breezes and views of the outdoors. They also allow natural daylight into your home, and they enhance energy-efficiency. However, they can also be a hazard if safety precautions are not properly utilized. We’re providing tips for making sure you and your loved ones are safe when it comes to your home’s windows.

Where There’s A Window…

The most important thing to remember is that where there’s a window, there’s a risk of a fall or injury. The number one rule when it comes to children (or even pets) is to provide close, careful supervision. When children are present, make sure that they are completely closed and securely locked. Especially when it comes to windows installed on high floors or at a high elevation!

If you must open a window when children are around, ensure that your window is open just enough to provide ventilation without them slipping through the opening. Never, ever allow children to play around windows or glass doors, whether they are open or closed. Even if there is an extremely minimal risk of a fall, there is always a chance that they can accidentally break the glass. Finally, make sure that furniture is kept away from windows that might be tempting for a small child to climb, which can easily result in a fall or glass break.

A Means of Escape

Windows are incredibly important when it comes to you and your family’s ability to escape from a house fire. But, there must be a plan in place to reduce injury. We suggest establishing an emergency escape plan and reviewing it with your family so that everyone knows what to do in the event that an escape is necessary. Practice makes perfect. A “dress rehearsal” style escape can help reduce panic or problems with your windows if and when a true crisis occurs. Children need to understand how to safely operate a window in such situations.

Consider Window Alarms & Security Devices

Most home improvement stores offer simple window alarms that sound when a window opens. This is helpful in terms of burglary or theft, but it can also alert a parent that a curious child opens a window without supervision. If you’re concerned about the safety of children whose bedrooms are on a second floor or higher, consider window guards or fall prevention devices. If you’re unsure about the placement of these devices, contact your local fire department for assistance. You’ll also want to make sure that you have nothing blocking windows that may be necessary for an escape.

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