Different window styles fit unique rooms in each home and serve different purposes. Some are best for gorgeous views while others allow fresh air into your home. Read about the different window styles we have at Window World of Little Rock and see which styles are right for you!

Which Window Styles are Right for You?


Double-Hung Window:

The most traditional and popular style of window opens from either the top or bottom and are made for easy cleaning. These windows are great for almost any room in your home. However, they may not be the best fit over a sink or countertop since they have to be lifted to open.


Casement & Awning Windows:

For a great view and a breath of fresh air, casement and awning windows are perfect for any home. Because of their clean lines, smooth operation, and easy cleaning, casement and awning windows are a popular choice. Since they open with a crank mechanism, these windows are perfect over a sink or countertop. Because they open outward, they may take up space outside.


Sliding Windows:

For a more contemporary modern look, sliding windows incorporate advanced technology to achieve new heights in efficiency and performance while providing clean, beautiful profiles.


Garden Window:

Garden windows provide ample sun exposure from three sides, allowing plants to flourish and allowing light into your home. Also, these windows feature plenty of seat room so plants and other items can be easily be put on display.


Bay & Bow Windows:

To bring the outdoors in, bay and bow windows are a great choice and make a room look larger. They are a focal point of any home and add architectural interest and an enhanced degree of view.


Privacy Windows:

When concerned with wanting to keep viewers outside from looking in but wanting to keep natural light in your room, privacy windows are a must! Ideal for bathrooms and large closets, make your home feel safe, sound, and bright.


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