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First impressions are everything. Window World of Little Rock offers a variety of patio doors to help your home make the best one.

Patio Door Products

Our line of patio door products is the perfect balance of artistic detail and performance engineering. In bringing our patio door collection to life, we combine superior craftsmanship with powerful functionality. Each patio door boasts features to ensure smooth and reliable operation with the technology to protect your home from inclement weather. In a number of styles, all with various color, hardware, and decorative glass options, the beauty of Window World’s patio doors is matched only by their performance.

Entry Door Products

Crafted with a focus on both aesthetics and durability, Window World entry doors are meticulously engineered to withstand harsh weather elements, ensuring long-lasting performance. Our designs exhibit exceptional resistance to rot, warping, or twisting, guaranteeing their resilience throughout their lifespan. Choose from an extensive range of styles and configurations to find the perfect fit for your preferences.

Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors

6 Panel, S210

2 Panel Arch Plank, S205

Low E Internal Blinds, S130RT-LE

Low E Internal Blinds, S132RT-LE

Camber Top Prairie Clear Glass Fixed Grids, 704-FXG

Wellesley Camber Black Nickel, S721 (1D)

Flush Glazed Low-E Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors

Full Lite, S2000-LE

3/4 Lite, S2200- LE

3/4 Lite, 6 LiteSDL, S2104-SDL-LE

Half Lite, S2100-LE

Shaker Craftsman, S4810-LE

Shaker Craftsman 6 Lite SDL, S4816-SDL-LE

Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors and Sidelites

6 Panel / Full Lite Low-E Sidelites, S210/S601SL-LE

2 Panel / Full Lite Low E Sidelites, S220/S601SL-LE

2 Panel Plank/ Full Lite Low-E Sidelites, S205/S601SL-LE

Shaker Craftsman 1 Lite Full Lite Low-E Sidelites, FlushGlazed Low-E, S4810-LE/S2000SL-LE

Shaker Craftsman 6 Lite Low-E SDL with Full Lite Low-E 5 Lite SDL Sidelites (Flat Shaker SDL F1 Bars), Flush Glazed Low-E, S4810-LE/S2000SL-LE

Craftsman Maple Park / Full Lite Maple Park Sidelites (Black Nickel), S609/ S6131SL

3/4 Lite Low-E with Full Lite Low-E Sidelites, FlushGlazed Low-E, S2200-LE /S2000SL-LE

Prairie Camber Top / Full Lite Low-E Sidelites, S704-FXG / S601SL-LE

Wellesley Camber Top with Wellesley Full Lite Sidelites (Black Nickel), S721 / S5870SL (1D)

Smooth Fiberglass Double Doors

6 Panel, S210

2 Panel, S220

2 Panel Plank, S205

Camber Top Prairie Clear Glass Fixed Grid, S704-FXG

Wellesley CamberBlack Nickel, S721 (1D)

3/4 Lite, Flush Glazed Low-E, S2200-LE

3/4 Lite 6 LiteSDL, Flush Glazed Low-E, S2104 SDL-LE

Full Lite, Flush Glazed Low-E, 2000-LE, Retro Size 5’8″ × 6’6″

Low-E Internal Blinds, S130RT-LE,
Retro Size 5’8″ × 6’6″

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