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Frequently Asked Questions

At Window World of Little Rock, we get a lot of common questions regarding window replacements. If we haven’t answered your FAQ, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Q: What types of payment methods and financing do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of payment methods. We accept cash, check, credit card payments. We offer a variety of financing options. Our financing options depend on the promotion period chosen by the customer at the time of estimate with your sales consultant.

Q: Will the replacement windows be installed from the inside or outside?

A: The majority of our replacement windows are installed from the outside. In some situations, it may be necessary to install from the inside. On the day of your estimate, your sales consultant will assess your unique situation and explain the process that will best suit your home.

Q: Do you install replacement windows year­-round? If so, will I lose a lot of heat or cool air at the time of installation?

A: Window World installs replacement windows year-­round. An average installation will take only one day. Our crews install one window at a time, and they are trained to do what they can to minimize heating or cooling loss.

Q: How can I prepare my house for my replacement windows?

A: Please take down curtains, blinds, or any other window treatments. Your security company should remove and turn off security sensors. Please provide our installation expert with a clear path to the window(s) being replaced by moving anything that may be in the way. It is also advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows, as they may fall during removal or installation.

Q: What type of warranty is available for my windows?

A: Window World replacement windows come with an all­-inclusive limited lifetime warranty. Contact us for more details.

Q: What happens to my old windows?

A: After we install your new replacement windows, we remove all old windows from your property and dispose of them properly.

Q: I’m overwhelmed by all the industry jargon. What do these words mean?

A: At Window World, it’s our goal for each and every one of our customers to feel comfortable throughout their home improvement experience. We try to always explain any construction concepts in terms everyone will know when we’re in their home, but we also like to make definitions available in advance.

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