So you’re thinking about a window upgrade, but you’re not sure what to pick? We understand! That’s why we recommend our double-hung windows for our customers. They happen to be our best selling product. Take a look at the video below and see one of our installers demonstrate some of the benefits.

Double-Hung Window

Our best-selling double-hung windows are an impeccable combination of sophisticated engineering, high-tech craftsmanship, careful installation, and a lifetime of backing.

Posted by Window World of Little Rock on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Features of the Double-Hung Window

These windows are not only aesthetically pleasing on any home, but they also come with a ton of benefits that you wouldn’t even expect a window to have! For example, did you know that the glass in our Double-Hung is Energy Star qualifying glass packages? At Window World, we take energy efficient windows pretty seriously.

Not a lot of people know this, but having windows in your home that are Energy Star qualified can save you a ton on your energy bill. Thanks to several components we make sure to have in all of our windows, you’ll be keeping your home at a temperature that you can handle and can rely less on the thermostat.

Energy efficiency is just one perk of having our double-hung windows in your home! We have sloped sills that forces water to drain out the exterior of the window, so of course, you’ll never have to worry about any excess leakage getting into your home. We ensure that we use the highest possible quality of vinyl components so that our windows will never chip, peel, or crack. Plus a multi-chambered sash and mainframe designs that help bolster the thermal efficiency!

Sounds like a lot right? That’s not even half of the features that we have with our double-hung windows. So you have all of the features of a modern day window, plus an aesthetic that is timeless and will work with any style in your home.

If you’re still thinking about that window upgrade, we hope that we’ve sold you on one of our favorites! You can see the rest of our window features on our product page. Did you also know that we can get you a free estimate on your replacement? Give us a call at 501-316-1500!