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You know that we have the best value of windows in Arkansas, but did you know that we also do siding, shutters, gutters, patio doors and more?   When it comes to exterior remodeling and home improvement, Window World of Little Rock is your one-stop shop.

We take pride not only in the quality of our products, but in the manner in which they are delivered. From the start of a job to its completion and beyond, our knowledgeable and friendly staff serves with exceptional attention to detail and customer care.

Window Products 

Double-Hung Windows

Our best-selling double-hung windows are an impeccable combination of sophisticated engineering, high-tech craftsmanship, careful installation, and a lifetime of backing. Characterized by easy maintenance and classic aesthetic styling, these vinyl window products are an easy choice for improving curb appeal and quality of life.

Casement and Awning Windows

Fresh air is as close as a gentle crank of a handle with Window World of Little Rock’s casement and awning windows. These windows feature slimline designed frames to maximize glass area and easy-to-use hardware to make operation a breeze.

Sliding Windows

A favorite of Window World customers, our sliding windows incorporate advanced technology to achieve new heights in efficiency and performance while providing clean, beautiful profiles

Bay and Bow Windows

Premium quality and design ensure any Window World bay window or bow window becomes an extraordinary focal point, accenting its home using dimension and space. These hand-made windows add architectural interest and an enhanced degree of view, as well as a perfect place to display those special items that make your home uniquely yours.

Garden Windows

With a Window World garden window, you can enjoy a lush oasis even if there’s snow on the ground! Our garden windows provide ample sun exposure from three sides, allowing plants to flourish while maintaining the energy efficiency you can expect from Window World.

Privacy Windows

When decorating, homeowners are often faced with the age-old compromise between limiting the view from the outside and enjoying natural light and sights of the outdoors. Window World of Little Rock’s privacy windows remove this dilemma, allowing both home and sanctuary with style.

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6000 Series Siding

The 6000 Series system is the industry leader in both innovative style and energy efficiency. Blending intelligent design with beautiful features, our 6000 Series ​siding epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Enduring performance, flawless appearance, and exceptional insulation increase the value of your home while improving your quality of life day in and day out.

4000 Series Siding

Window World of Little Rock’s 4000 Series siding brings to life a unique combination of performance, style, and ingenuity. Featuring an underlayment that delivers rigidity and insulation, the 4000 Series creates a thermal barrier around your home, making for a comfortable environment that’s as efficient as it is beautiful.

2000 Series Siding

Revolutionary in its design and application, our 2000 Series siding delivers on our promise to provide superior home improvement solutions. With style options to meet any aesthetic and the structural performance to endure even the harshest environments, this is a siding to stand the test of time for years of enjoyment.

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Patio Doors

Our line of patio door products is the perfect balance of artistic detail and performance engineering. In bringing our patio door collection to life, we combine superior craftsmanship with powerful functionality. Each patio door boasts features to ensure smooth and reliable operation with the technology to protect your home from inclement weather. In a number of styles, all with various colors, hardware, and decorative glass options, the beauty of Window World’s patio doors is matched only by their performance.


Bring your home’s exterior transformation to the next level with the additions of Window World’s shutters. Browse our available shutter options:

  • Raised Panel Shutters
  • Louvered Shutters
  • Board and Batten Shutters
  • Combination Shutters
  • Shutter Tops
  • Custom Options
  • Various Color Options


Are you in need of new gutters? Window World of Little Rock now offers gutters! Whether you need gutter replacement or gutter installation, our installation experts can help!

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of new windows, siding, shutters, gutters, or patio doors, let us know! Improve the curb appeal of your home without breaking the bank. Contact us or give us a call today! 501-316-1500

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